Construction Bonds

Culbertson Bonding has been supplying contractors and engineers with bonds for over 30 years. Our agents and office staff have an excellent understanding of the construction industry. We know what insurance companies are looking for when deciding whether or not to bond your company, and as your agent we can help your company make an excellent first impression. We bond everything from start-up companies to large, well established builders and engineers. Culbertson can help you with your bonds no matter what field of construction you’re in. We have clients in all fields of sub-work, engineering, general building, and energy.

subdivision Bonds

Culbertson Bonding has been helping developers obtain bonds for over 30 years. We work with developers on all sizes of projects and have a broad spectrum of surety companies to tailor to your needs.


Commercial Bonds

Culbertson Bonding works with a large number of commercial surety bond providers to insure you get the best price available for your commercial bonds. Some of these bonds include ERISA, Escrow License, Broker, Contractor’s License, any bonds filed with the DMV, etc.


BESS Bonds

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) provide a way for utility companies to store energy produced at their power plants. Recently, battery technology has advanced to a point to make these systems a possibility. Culbertson Bonding provided the bonds needed for the Imperial Irrigation District’s 33MVA, 20MW Hour BESS in October, 2015. (Read more about this project here).

As this is one of the first BESS projects of this scale in the world, it took a great deal of work to find a surety company that would provide bonds for such an “outside the box” project. Culbertson Bonding now has an excellent avenue for obtaining bonds for BESS projects. Our energy specialist surety company is anxious to do more BESS projects with us. This is a huge advantage over going with another bond agency which will need to start from scratch.